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Research Platforms

  1. Successional serials of EBLF (5 long-term monitoring plots from the primary succession period to the advanced succession period of EBLF with an area of 50 m * 50 m for each plot, focusing on dynamics of EBLF and nutrient cycling).

  2. Forest dynamic plot (a forest plot with an area of 500 m*400 m for forest biodiversity and plant functional traits research, belongs to the Chinese forest biodiversity monitoring network).

  3. Troughfall displacement experiment plot (3 treatments: control, 70% througfall displacement, light interference, focusing on soil carbon cycle and soil microbial diversity)

  4.  Nutrients fertilization experiment plot (6 treatments: control, 50N,100N, 50P, 50N+50P, 100N+50P, focusing on carbon and nutrient cycling response)

  5. Biochar addition experiment plot (3 treatments: Control, 400t, 1200t, focusing on plant growth, soil moisture, nutrient leaching, etc.).

  6. Young forest tending plots (set in several fields around our station, focusing on using ecological theory for EBLF restoration).




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