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Location & Environment

    Tiantong National Forest Ecosystem Observation and Research Station (TINAS) is located in Tiantong National Forest Park (29°48' N, 121°47'E, 200 m a.s.l.), Ningbong city, Zhejiang province, China. This area is characterized by a subtropical monsoon climate with a hot, humid summer, and a cold, dry winter. The annual mean temperature is 16.2oC, and the average annual precipitation is 1374.7mm concentrated from May to August. The site is characterized by canopy trees of Schima superba, Lithocarpus glaber and Symplocos sumuntia at a height of 12-20 m. The soil texture is mainly medium-heavy loam.



Minghang Campus: 500 Dongchuan Rd., Shanghai 200241 Tel: 86-21-54341126

Tiantong Station: Tiantng National forest park, Ningbo, 315114