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Zhou GY, Luo Q, Chen YJ, He M, Zhou LY, Frank D, He YH, Fu YL,  Zhang BC, Zhou XH*

Effects of livestock grazing on grassland carbon storage and release override impacts associated with global climate change.pdf

Global change biology, 2019, 25:1119-1132
2 Huang K, Xia J*
High ecosystem stability of evergreen broadleaf forests under severe droughts.pdf Global change biology, 2019, 25(10): 3494-3503
3 Zhang R, Zhou XH, Ouyang Z, Avitabile V, Qi JG, Chen JQ, Giannico V Estimating aboveground biomass in subtropical forests of China by integrating multisource remote sensing and ground data.pdf Remote Sensing of Environment, 2019, 232: 111341
4 Wang Z, Jiang Y, Deane D, He F, Shu W*, Liu Y* Effects of host phylogeny, habitat and spatial proximity on host-specificity and diversity of pathogenic and mycorrhizal fungi in a subtropical forest.pdf New Phytologist, 2019 (DOI: 10.1111/nph.15786)
5 Shao JJ, Yuan TF, Li Z, Li N, Liu HY, Bai SH, Xia JY, Lu M, Zhou XH* Plant evolutionary history mainly explains the variance in biomass responses to climate warming at a global scale.pdf New Phytologist, 2019, 222: 1338–1351
6 Zhou GY, Luo Q, Chen YJ, Hu JQ, He M, Gao J, Zhou LY, Liu HY, Zhou XH* Interactive effects of grazing and global change factors on soil and ecosystem respiration in grassland ecosystems: a global synthesis.pdf Journal of Applied Ecology, 2019 (DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.13443
7 Cui E, Huang K, Arain A, Fisher J, Huntzinger D, Ito A, Luo Y, JainA, Mao J, Michalak A, Niu S, Parazoo N,  Peng C, Peng S, Poulter B,Ricciuto D, Schaefer K, Schwalm C, Shi X, Tian H, Wang W, Wang J, Wei Y, Yan E, Yan L, Zeng N, Zhu Q, Xia J* Vegetation functional properties determineuncertainty of simulated ecosystem productivity: a traceability analysis in the East Asian monsoon region.pdf Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2019, 667-689
8 Zheng LT, Chen HYH, Yan ER* Tree species diversity promotes litterfall productivity through crown complementarity in subtropical forests.pdf Journal of Ecology, 2019, 107: 1852-1861
9 He M, Zhou GY, Yuan TF, Groenigen KJV, Shao JJ, Zhou XH* Grazing intensity significantly changes the C : N : P stoichiometry in grassland ecosystems.pdf Global Ecology Biogeography, 2019 (DOI: 10.1111/geb.13028)
10 Bu XL, Krause SMB, Gu XY, Tian JQ, Zhou XQ∗ Ethylene rather than acetylene inhibits soil methane oxidation rates in a subtropical evergreen forest.pdf Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 2019, 135: 10–12
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12 Gu XY, Zhou XQ*, Bu X, Xue M , Jiang L, Wang S, Hao Y , Wang Y, Xue X, Wang G, Krause SMB, Smaill SJ, Clinton PW Soil extractable organic C and N contents, methanotrophic activity under warming and degradation in a Tibetan alpine meadow.pdf Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 2019, 278: 6–14
13 Liu L, Zhang J* Decoding the secret of species coexistence: a perspective from soil fungi Science China. Life sciences, 2019 (DOI:10.1007/s11427-019-1591-8)
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15 Liu RQ, Zhou XH*, Wang J, Zhou GY, Shao JJ, Fu YL, Liang C,Yan ER, Chen XY, Wang XH, Bai SH Differential maginitude of rhizosphere effects on soil aggregation at three stages of subtropical secondary forest successions.pdf Plant and Soil, 2019, 436: 365-380
16 Shen GC, Cornelissen JHC, Zhang QQ, Yan ER* Functional evenness of N-to-P ratios of evergreen-deciduous mixtures predicts positive non-additive effect on leaf litter decomposition.pdf Plant and Soil, 2019, 436: 299-309
17 Biswas SR*, Mallik AU, Braithwaite NT, Biswas PL Effects of disturbance type and microhabitat on species and functional diversity relationship in stream-bank plant communities.pdf Forest Ecology and Management, 2019, 432: 812-822
18 Liu HM, Zhou GY, Bai SH, Song JJ, Shang YJ, He M, Wang XH, Zheng ZM* Differential response of soil respiration to nitrogen and phosphorus addition in a highly phosphorus-limited subtropical forest, China.pdf Forest Ecology and Management, 2019, 448: 499–508
19 Ali A, Chen HYH, You WH, Yan ER* Multiple abiotic and biotic drivers of aboveground biomass shift with forest stratum.pdf Forest Ecology and Management, 2019, 436: 1-10
20 Deng J*,  Auchtung JM, Konstantinidis KT, Brettar I, Höfle MG, Tiedje JM Genomic variations underlying speciation and niche specialization of Shewanella baltica.pdf mSystems, 2019, 4(5): e00560-19
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26 Wang J, Xia J*, Zhou X, Huang K, Zhou J, Huang Y,  Jiang LF, Xu X, Liang JY, Wang P, Cheng X, Luo YQ Evaluating the simulated mean soil carbon transit times by Earth system models using observations.pdf Biogeosciences, 2019, 16(4): 917-926
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30 Liu L, Zhu K, Wurzburger N, Zhang J* Relationships between plant and soil microbial diversity vary across taxonomic groups and spatial scales Ecosphere, 2019,  (DOI:10.1002/ecs2.2999)
31 Wang YZ, Pedersen JLM, Macdonald SE, Nielsen SE*, Zhang J* Experimental test of assisted migration for conservation of locally range-restricted plants in Alberta, Canada.pdf Global Ecology and Conservation, 2019, 17: e00572
32 Xu X, Yan L*, Xia J
A threefold difference in plant growth response to nitrogen addition between the laboratory and field experiments.pdf Ecosphere, 2019, 10(1): e02572
33 Xu NN, Jiang K, Biswas SR, Tong X, Wang R, Chen XY* Clone configuration and spatial genetic structure of two Halophila ovalis populations with contrasting internode lengths.pdf Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2019, 7: 170
34 Zhu RL*, Bi XF, Shu L Mohamedia, a new genus of Lejeuneaceae (Marchantiophyta) from Oceania and tropical Asia.pdf The Bryologist, 2019, 122(1): 84-97
35 Xiang YL, Zhu RL* Sphaerocarpales (Marchantiophyta) new to China, with special references to a new species of Sphaerocarpos from Hengduan Mountains.pdf The Bryologist, 2019, 122(4): 586-596
36 Wang J, Yang Q, Qiao Y, Zhai D, Jiang L, Liang G, ... & Xia J*
Relative contributions of biotic and abiotic factors to the spatial variation of litter stock in a mature subtropical forest.pdf Journal of Plant Ecology, 2019, 12(4): 769-780
37 Xiao YE, Jin D, Jiang K, Hu YH, Tong X, Mazer SJ, Chen XY* Pollinator limitation causes sexual reproductive failure in ex situ populations of self-compatible Iris ensata.pdf Plant Ecology & Diversity, 2019, 12(1): 21-25
38 Zhang MJ, Yu WJ, Li HQ* Ainsliaea simplicissima (Asteraceae), a new species from southeast China and its phylogenetic position Phytotaxa, 2019, 424(4): 243–252
39 Zhang Z, Wang XM, Liao S, Tian HZ*, Li HQ* Taxonomic treatment of the Ficus auriculata complex (Moraceae) and typification of some related names.pdf Phytotaxa, 2019, 399(3): 203–208
40 Shu L, Zhu RL* Leptolejeunea nigra (Lejeuneaceae), a new species with brownish black ocelli based upon morphology and DNA sequences.pdf Phytotaxa, 2019, 427 (1): 31–42
41 Wang R, Shi YS, Zhang YX, Xu GF, Shen GC*, Chen XY* Distance-dependent seed-seedling transition in the tree Castanopsis sclerophylla is altered by fragment size.pdf Communications Biology, 2019, 2: 277


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