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1 Liu HY, Wang H, Li N, Shao JJ, Zhou XH*,  Groenigen KJV, Thakur MP Phenological mismatches between above- and belowground plant responses to climate warming.pdf
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Zhou XQ*, Zuo HL, Smaill SJ*
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Liu RQ,  He YH, Zhou GY, Shao JJ, Zhou LY, Zhou HM, Li N, Song BQ,  Liang C, Yan ER, Chen XY,  Wang XH, Wang MH, Bai SH, Zhou XH*, Phillips RP
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Journal of Ecology, 2021, 109(11): 3929-3943

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Tong X, Nason JD, Ding YYChen XY*
Genetic tracking of density-dependent adult recruitment: a case study in a subtropical oak.pdf
Journal of Ecology, 2021, 109: 2317-2328

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19 Gao ZW, Song K* , Pan Y, Malkinson D, Zhang XJ, Jia B, Xia TY, Guo XY, Liang H, Huang SS, Da LJ*, Bodegom PMV, Cieraad E Drivers of spontaneous plant richness patterns in urban green space within a biodiversity hotspot.pdf Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 2021, 61(1): 127098
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Science of  the Total Environment, 2021, 774: 145317
24 Zhou XQ*, Zhang MY, Krause SMB, Bu XL, Gu XY, Guo ZY, Jia ZJ, Zhou XH, Wang XH, Chen XY, Wang YF Soil aeration rather than methanotrophic community drives methane uptake under drought in a subtropical forest.pdf
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57 He W*, Zhang X*, Gao G, Gao M, Zhong F, Lv L, Cai Z, Si X, Yang J*, Liu J* Clonal spread of Escherichia coli O101: H9-ST10 and O101: H9-ST167 strains carrying fosA3 and blaCTX−M−14 among diarrheal calves in a Chinese farm, with Australian Chroicocephalus as the possible origin of E. coli O101: H9-ST10.pdf Zoological Research, 2021, 42: 461–468
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66 López-Bosch D, Rocha R, López-Baucells A, Wang Y, Si X, Ding P, Gibson L*, Palmeirim AF*
Passive acoustic monitoring reveals role of habitat affinity in sensitivity of sub-tropical East Asian bats to fragmentation.pdf Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation, 2021, in press. doi: 10.1002/rse2.237
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